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World War 3

World War 3 Game it's now free on!
Where it is time to get back into time in a world of armies, tanks, and warships, you'll play an immersive combat strategy game. In this real-time tactics tank war game, you will command your army in real-time and use the right attack strategy to defeat your opponents. To gain control of War Zones, you must launch strategic strikes against your adversary to ensure the victory of your warships and tanks on the battlefield. This real-time strategy game with a PVP multiplayer open-world challenges you to ally with ruthless warriors. To win the world war in real-time, you must launch rockets, command the tank war, and apply pressure on the enemy's territory. Fight in strategic battles. I combine foot soldiers, light vehicles, tanks, and aircraft with coordinating devastating strikes, including rocket launchers. Attaining the enemy has never felt better than in this realistic PVP military simulation. During World War III, you take command of a rogue strike force and engage in epic battles to defend or attack your enemies. Real-time tactics game where you must battle for supremacy in PVP tank battles and demonstrate your modern warfare style to master it.
About World War 3 ( WW3 2022) Game?
As a rogue war commander, it is your responsibility to divide and conquer your adversaries while also creating a legend of war with the assistance of your air force. Protect your base, customize your units, and engage in combat with enemies to survive as one of the few remaining commanders after World War 3. In this online military strategy game, you will battle to gain control of the world with the help of nuclear weapons. You will be the ultimate warrior in this game. Rogue Assault is the most realistic military real-time strategy game on the market, featuring armored vehicles, missile strikes, and air force battles, among other features.
What is the best way to play WW3 2022?
Choose a server in your region, and then join one of the games that have been created on that server. Even though there are only two cards in the game so far, this will be enough to create an exciting process. The highest number of participants who can partake on a single map is ten people. You can also create your own game at any time and sit back and wait for other players to find you! Start shooting enemies as soon as the battle begins, using your favorite weapon to take out the first few enemies. The greater the number of kills, the better. If you want to help your team win, you'll have to work hard, and it won't be easy. Hide behind buildings and other objects on the map, cut enemies to pieces, and kill them with your sword. You can also summon one of the five tanks for yourself, but this will require you to accumulate experience first. Will your team be able to come out on top in this battle too? Let's get to it and enjoy fight after fight after fight.
Game Features In World War 3:
-With direct control of your tanks, helicopters, and infantry, shoot your way through hordes of enemy soldiers and learn the art of combat tactics as you progress through the game.
-A 3D multiplayer military strategy game that immerses the player in action.
-Battlefields with individual unit control (tanks, warships, armies, soldiers) in real-time
- Immediate access to riflemen, heavy gunners, and rhino tanks
-Individual or PVP RTS combat
- Increase your level to gain access to more powerful units and military might.
-Build an Empire:  Construct your fortifications and lead your army to victory.

Release Date    Tuesday, April 12, 2022

How to play(controls)
-Use the W, A, S, D to drive the tank, helicopter, cars, and character
use the mouse to look around, shoot, change the gun on the scroll
-Press Tab to open the menu
-Press the ''E'' to enter or exit from a tank or airstrike

Platform                       Desktop and PC
HTTPS Ready                Yes
Developer                     Mentolux -
Mobile Ready               No
Mobile Mode                No
Genre                             War, GAMES, Action, Shooting1 playerWebGL3D, Boys, Unblocked, Simulator.
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Join a WWW 3 simulation FPS game which can be played online for free on The World War 3 it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all browsers. If you enjoy this war of the world game for pc free online make sure you play other fun 3d first-person shooting games here on our website!
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