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The Flintstones - The Surprise At Dinosaur Peak

Here is The Flintstones - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak NES game; you can play it free online on BrightestGames!
Are you ready to embark into the spirit of the Stone Age, "The Flintstones: Unexpected Events at Dino Peak" is a must-play game. Fred Flintstone, the patriarch of the family, will portray the main character. There's a missing child mystery involving Pebbles' kid, and the hero needs your aid to solve it. In short, we learn that Barney's kid has also vanished. As a result, the group of closest friends sets out to find their missing offspring. The kids eventually turn up at the volcano's base. In any other case, everything is good, but an eruption is about to start. The volcano has begun to erupt, and our heroes must go to the summit to petition the Fire Dinosaur to halt the process.

What is The Flintstones - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak?
Released in 1993 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak is an action platformer (NES). The game continues the previous Flintstones game, The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy. Two characters, Fred and Barney, are playable in this game. All the heroes have their special attacks and skills. Due to its rental-only nature and small physical run, this game is claimed to be among the console's rarest.

How To Play The Flintstones - The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak?
Near the protagonist's home is where your journey will begin. You and your pal will need to team up on a trip when that time comes. It's possible to take charge of a pair of playable characters simultaneously. Many hazardous dinosaurs and other reptiles may be encountered along the path, and they will attack at the earliest available moment. As a weapon, Fred's preferred club is ideal. It takes one successful use to cripple the adversary and open the path. Keep in mind that Barney has a rather impressive vertical leap. Let's see how this closest buddy's tale turns out.

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