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Play the latest snake-worm multiplayer games online like this on browsers and mobile devices for free here on the game it's one of our selected snake and battle royale game classified in our list games offered free on our website! Start playing this new or upgraded version of and grow your swarm snake on the playboard arena to eat fast, grow, and dominate the games. To grow in the game you can eat the different colored glowing minerals, also there are many types, sizes of bugs that will give you a faster-growing if eaten. And like in all snake games you can find power-ups scattered on the ground, that you can collect to improve your, speed, movements, and attack power. Some of the power-ups eaten from the ground will provide a multiplication of your swarm snake, a shield, speed, a magnet, and much more cool stuff to help you dominate the playground arena. Also by eating bugs you can grow your size faster and can dominate the arena. Enjoy the best games with snakes online and have fun in this with hundreds of snake skins to choose from, from a cool minimap to see your location, the possibility to zoom in, and have closer look at our skins and swarm snake. Have fun and also explore other similar snakes in games like Blocky Snake,, and MLG Edition. Good luck!

Release Date
Thu March 2018

Platform                       PC, Web browser, and also on
HTTP Ready                   Yes
Developer                     S3Games
Mobile Ready               Yes
Mobile Mode                Portret
Genre                             Snake, Multiplayer, Battle Royale

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
Use the mouse to navigate the game and also move the mouse to control the worm's movement.
Press the left-click or ''W'' key to use a speed boost.
Press the right-click or space bar to cut.

  • Enjoy a fun HD 3D snake game like the famous
  • You can grow by eating minerals, bugs, and the other energy left by the death of players' snakes.
  • Some of the bugs when they are eaten provide a short period of time a shield.
  • Some power-ups can clone your snake to have 2 snakes, give you a magnet to gather more growing minerals, and more cool stuff.
  • Added a nice feature of zooming in with the scroll of the mouse.
  • A lot of skins in the game to choose from.
  • Explore the fun minimap to see our location.
  • Easy to play and addicting gameplay.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

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Have fun with one of the best new snake-worm games that can be played online for free on it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy these cool math games snakes make sure you play similar .io games snake-like good luck and have fun!

Make sure you check tips Video Instruction and Youtube Game-play of for free on

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