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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers it's now free on!
And join in this episode of the World Tour, where our cute teenagers Jake, Tricky and Fresh are expressing their artistic side by spray-painted on trains with some cool works of art in the style of graffiti. After just finishing their graffiti drawing they are spotted by the grumpy Inspector and his dog, who now is chasing them through the railroad station, on streets and bus stations, and everywhere their feet can take them. So run forest run ;)) and try to avoid the moving trains, cars, and busses, while you collect as many gold coins, power us, and other cool in-game to help you escape the inspector and his small but fierce dog in this subway surfers games online version. Also, use the hoverboard to surf away and rise to the top of the city, where you can see there are no objects to smash into, just gold coins to collect.
About Subway Surfers!
Besides our teenagers, you can also buy other skins to play with there are a total number of 15 cool ones. You can play with children from all nations, even zombies, a robot, and a ninja! Also, each of the characters you have provides you with three different outfits, to unblock more you need the blue keys that you must collect from the game, so always try to take them no matter what! The most expensive Arab surfer skin costs you 980000$ so make sure you are saving a lot to afford it ;)) or play as many subway surfers games as you can play. And let's not forget about the boards that you can see in the shop, in many shapes and skins with a total of 17, and more can be unlocked by playing the game every day. To earn more money try to complete some of the 14 achievements the game provides, also you can see that each of the achievements has four stages with five requirements items you must collect besides running a certain distance.

Tips and Tricks in Subway Surfers game!
Knowing all of that we can give some tips here in this fresh subway surfers game you can get some free stuff if you are willing to watch some short ads you can get three types of hoverboards, one score booster, and one headed start. With money, you can buy some help from the single-use items, that like their name can only use one time per round this will help you to continue from your last death location to get a higher score and qualify for the top 11 players in the Leaderboard. And let's talk about the upgrades that are the most important facts in the game. Each upgrade for the Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and the 2X Multiplayer can be upgraded up to six-time to last more or provide you with more help. For example when you event money in the coin magnet and rise its duration and range you can attract all coins from the area you will have to run through the middle of the road and money will come pouring at you. If you are having trouble with the language get of the game you can go to the setting and change it to English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Play Subway Surfers online unblocked
And experience playing with subway surfers all characters, in an optimized and no lagging game, that is developed with html5 and javascript technology. This will make the game work on any type of browser flawless and also on all mobile, tablets, and iPhones. Also, when you are playing for the first time in the game no download requirements are needed. If you enjoy this subway surfers game for free online you can try other similar games like Swipe Skate 2, and Skate Hooligans. Good luck and have fun in these awesome run and void skateboard games!
Controls in Subway Surfers game!
To play the game use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. And with the arrow keys or WASD, you move jump, slider sideways to avoid the incoming trains and obstacles. With the spacebar, you can activate the hoverboard that will take you above the roads where there is no danger to smash into anything.
Release Date Monday, February 01, 2021
Date added Chicago Time: 10:51 on 25 February 2021


  • Awesome 3D graphics with vibrant colors in a high-quality version.
  • a fun game-play.
  • Choose from 17 types of cartoon surfers' kids' skins.
  • Missions, and achievements to complete.
  • Ensure you always collect the magnetic booster, shield boost, and coin booster to help you stay longer in the game.
  • Daily presents that you can open.
  • Each skin has three versions, outfits, pants, and blouses
  • A Shop with many upgrades.
  • Power-ups are.
  • A lot of jetpacks to unblock and play with.
  • You can challenge and help your friends
  • The game can be played in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Addicting gameplay.

Subway Surfers was developed by Kiloo and Sybo. Those are two famous companies that develop games and are based in Denmark. As a tip, we can estimate that the ''Subway Surfers'' game has reached a record 1.8 billion downloads according to Sybo Games in 2021, who know how high it will go in 2020 ;)). Knowing tall of that you can play the Subway Surfers World Tour Beijing on for free.

Games from the
Subway Surfers series!

Type Html5-webGL
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile).
Mobile Mode Portrait
Mobile ready Yes
HTTP Ready Yes
Gender Run, Kids, Escape, Arcade, Ability, Surfing.

What's New in the
2.13.4 patch update?
-The Subway Surfers World Tour travels to the awesome streets of Berlin.
-A new Berlin surfer Zayn implemented.
-You can join a crew of edgy surfers from around the world.
-Drifting mode now is live, so try it through the concrete jungle with your awesome boards.
-make sure to collect the ''Tokens'' to unlock free characters, boards, and more in-game features coming up in the Season Hunt!

More Information About Train Surfers
Enjoy a fun free-running game for all ages where you can improve your sliding and dashing skills online here on Subway Surfers, it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers and also on some mobile devices. If you enjoyed this awesome endless running game try other similar games like Subway Run New 2019 and Crazy Skater. Good luck with all the missions from the game! And also if you want to know more info about this version of the game you can check here on fandom.

Make sure you check the Video Instruction and Youtube gameplay of Subway Surfers for free on

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