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Senya And Oscar 2

Play free: Senya and Oscar 2 online on!
And get ready to join the realm of fantasy along with our two friends the newbie knight and his pretty but powerful magical cat. Get your basic gear on, with your stick sword, boots, and wood shield in this hero idle clicker, while taking on different monsters and defeating them along with your partner to earn money, items, and experience throughout the dangerous roads of the kingdom. Also in this fighting game online you must come up with the best strategy to combine the special attack spells and kicks of the characters to defeat solo and also the group of monsters.
About Senya and Oscar 2?
Each ability of the characters will do better for a certain type of monster. For example, if you are fighting only one monster the cat claws will do fast damage and kill the monster in just 1 one or 2 seconds. But when you are fighting again multiplayer targets and they are stacked/closer together Oscar can use this powerful kick and annihilate all the monsters with one blow. There are certain spells unblocked from the early levels, but the more powerful ones will require you to reach levels 20, 30, and 40.

Tips Also Trick In Senya And Oscar 2?
Start with only one spell for each of the characters and end up with at least three special spells for each of the fighters. As you fight monsters you can stack dropped items, in your inventory, and given sell them. In the shop, you can start with the basic gear, knives, swords, shields, cloth, shoes, and more just place them on your hero. Each of the heroes has different stats that you can upgrade for Oscar the HP, Attack speed, Critical, Leg Punch, and Slash. Senya the cat also can improve her attack, critical, claws, fireball, and spinner. At the forge, you can use diamonds dropped by the monster's kills to force different items to help you defeat the monster more easily. Although is a type of roulette where you can get randomly weak items or extremely powerful ones it is up to your luck! You will see you can collect gold coins, golden stars, and diamonds, throughout the four kingdoms in the 100 levels missions.

Senya and Oscar 2 Gameplay!
Check the minimap to see your current location, take a break and visit the shop to improve your stats and items when you have some money. And make sure you set the language of the game so you can understand the missions because there are things you need your understanding to be able to survive and win. Buy the best shield, swords, boots, helmets, and more cool stuff to help you and protect you on your journey. And make sure you enjoy the thrill and the adventure brought by the game. If you like this hero quest game explores other cool games like Delsaran World RPG, and Armored Kitt. Have fun!

Release Date   June 2021
Date added    Chicago Time: 08:24 on 6 June 2021
Type                              WebGL
Platform                       PC, and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready               Yes
Mobile Ready               Yes
Categories                    Fighting, Clicker, Adventure, Action, Boys, RPG, Unblocked.
Senya and Oscar: The Fearless Adventure was developed by Dennatolich.

  • Enjoy a fun 2D action-adventure clicker game with a cat and knight.
  • Great looking 2D graphics with beautiful colours.
  • Defeat the evil rabbits, ferocious trees, scary snowmen, zombies, killer bees, different bosses, and more.
  • 100 levels filled with different missions.
  • Some spells require a certain level to be unblocked.
  • Earn gold and level up with each kill you make while improving your gear and powers.
  • Use special spells and powerful kicks to fight against monsters.
  • Buy shields, swords, boots, helmets, and more cool stuff to help you overcome the monsters from the kingdom.
  • Nice music and fun to play.
More Information About Senya and Oscar 2
Have fun in this clicker fighting game that can be played for free online on Senya and Oscar 2 it's developed with WebGL technology allowing which loos the game to work perfectly in all classic and modern browsers. If you enjoyed this knight and wizard RPG game make sure you try other hero games from our game selection.
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Senya and Oscar 2 online here on

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