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Rush Team

Rush Team game it's now online free on!
Rush Team is an online first-person shooter with stunning 3D visuals and many players on several servers worldwide. You must join the Rush Team squad to confront the terrorists' attack in such a case. First, demonstrate your sniper gaming abilities by eliminating all of the terrorists. Then, it's time to go on a counter-duty strike! Take aim and fire! Take out every single one of them. Each player assumes the character of a soldier and is allocated to either team one or team 2. He must prepare to execute the combat assignments allotted to him and destroy the other team. The game includes more different areas, including the following: the harbor, the roofs of buildings, the give, the metro, hangars, and many more. Each player can register in the game and play under their pseudonym while preserving their progress, or they may start the game in guest mode without registering. After connecting to the server, the user can join an existing game room or create a new one. A unique set of playing cards represents each game area.
About Rush Team:
As a result, joining one of the teams is required to begin the game. Choose your weapon and prepare to face off against the opposition with the other members of your squad. The more adversaries you eliminate, the better your chances of winning each round. In certain settings, players will respawn instantly; however, in others, you will have to wait until the end of the round before respawning occurs. You have complete freedom to monitor the behaviors of your colleagues at this moment. All players gradually gain access to weapons through the game, eventually reaching a level to unlock them. Completing goals or defeating foes will grant players experience points that may level up in all game types. On each map, the soldier is equipped with a knife, a handgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and two grenades, one of which is a standard grenade and the other is a smoke flash grenade. Play, collect more points, make super keels and headshots, and you'll quickly rise to the top of the leaderboard as the coolest and most agile player.
Invite your friends to take part in the fun!
Create your dream team and ask your friends to become members of your organization. Organize private matches and tournaments to compete for cash and prizes. You are strong on your own, but you are much stronger as a group.
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In short, in matchmade games, you may test your skills against operators with comparable skill levels in all game styles.
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A competitive matchmade variant of defuses pits operators against one another for points and the opportunity to advance in the ranks. Climb to the top of the staircase!
Custome Games Are Available:
It's the old-school way of playing Rush Team: join or host a room of any of the game kinds that are accessible, and enable a password to host private rooms for your friends.
Gameplay features include:
-Great 3d realistic graphics.
-Plenty of regions rooms to join just join the one closest to your location to avoid lag.
-A wide variety of weaponry to observe and shoot, including the Desert Eagle, AK47, M96, M4A1, AWP, Gatlin, small pistols, machine guns, missiles, and more.
-Beautiful visuals and smooth animations are included.
-An addictive tactical game with a variety of parameters
-It is simple to play and has good control. It also has an infinite shooting mode.
-It is completely offline so that you may access it from any location and at any time.
-You can create private rooms and set a password to play only with friends.
-Full-screen mode is available.
-Perfection in -Optimization.

Instruction to play CS Online:
• Left mouse button to shoot 
• Right mouse button to aim 
• R to reload
• C to crouch 
• P to pause 
• 1-9 keys to change weapon 
• T to open chat and enter to send 
• Space bar to jump 
• Hold shift to run 
• Tab or B to open the menu.

Release Date     September 2020
Date added       Chicago Time: 15 December 2021 12:10

Type                               WebGL
HTTPS Ready                Yes
Mobile Ready                No
Mobile Mode                 No
Genre                              Multiplayer, Action, Shooting, 3D, Boys, WebGL.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 10

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Web Browser and Desktop. The Web browser of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

More Information about Rush Team
Enjoy a realistic 3D first-person shooter game with unpretentious physiques and detailed graphics online free on The Rush Team game, it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you like cs games online play free also check our Counter-Strike category here on our website!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Rush Team online here on

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