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PAW Patrol: Mission PAW

Here is the free online PAW Patrol: Mission PAW game, you can play it now unblocked on BrightestGames!
This time, Paw Patrol has some serious work to do. You'll embark on a top-secret operation in Paw Patrol: Operation Woof to recover Queen Tyavburga's lost crown. The Racer was guarding the crown, but after it vanished, so did the Racer. Dogs will always run to the aid of a companion in need. Zuma will be the pilot of the first secret mission. This electronic bowtie worn by Racer must be located. Underwater, you'll follow the butterfly's released sound waves to your destination. Please get rid of worn boots and sunken barrels while at it, then open up some chests for some bones. Robust will come in to replace Zuma once she has finished the job. The dog needs to put the components of three different armour sets back where they belong. Only then can Fortress unlock the door and locate Racer. As soon as he recovers the crown, Racer plans to track down Sweetness, the villain responsible for kidnapping him. Find the sugar bones and the robber by checking the local libraries. Using clues, figure out where Sweet hid the crown before he got caught.

What is PAW Patrol: Mission PAW Game?
Chase is training for his job to protect the Crown of Barkingburg in the city of Barkingburg at the Lookout. When ready, he and Ryder board the Air Patroller and fly out of Adventure Bay toward Barkingburg. Meanwhile, the Earl of Barkingburg is showing the princess of Barkingburg the crown and telling her that she will be capable of wearing it when she is crowned queen. Princess Sweetie's dog has her sights set on becoming queen, and she and her human don't even realize it. When the Air Patroller flies over Barkingburg, Chase jumps out and tours the city, stopping to see Big Benji, Barkingburg's answer to London's Big Ben, before crashing inside Barkingburg Castle and reappearing later with a tuxedo and bow tie. Princess Barkingburg, her guardian Earl Barkingburg, and her dog Sweetie are all introduced to Chase before the Earl sets off the alarm and goes to bed. Chase is left in charge of protecting the crown.

What is the Story in PAW Patrol: Mission PAW?
Later that night, Sweetie sets off the security system by luring the royal kittens outside, where Chase promptly suffers an allergic reaction, sending him crashing back into the lasers. Sweetie uses Chase's terror to sneak escape with the crown as he tries to disable the alarm. After being aroused by the alarm, the Earl and Princess return to the castle, where they discover the crown has been stolen. Chase's sinuses finally begin to clear, and he follows the thief's smell to Sweetie, only to be taken aback to learn that she is the one doing the theft. Chase refuses to let this happen and tries to call in Ryder and the rest of the team for backup after Sweetie reveals her plan to frame him for the theft and be rewarded for retrieving the crown by the Princess and Earl. However, Sweetie disarms him of his bow tie pup-tag and opens a trapdoor under him, locking him in the dungeon. Now that Chase is out of the way, Sweetie can return to her plan to frame him for the crime. The Earl phones Ryder to report Chase's "theft" when the Princess and her husband are told that Chase is the perpetrator. To learn more about the episode and this online game, play PAW Patrol: Mission PAW Game unblocked on all day! And try to blast along our mighty pups and their epic, fun mission to rescue the Barkingburg city.

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