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My Hotel

Here Is The Online My Hotel Game, You Can Play It Free And Unblocked On BrightestGames!
Fan of restaurants and management games, you are welcome to join the so-called My Hotel game where you'll go on a thrilling adventure through some of the most magnificent hotels in old London. Where you'll have to serve a variety of customers and try to get only the finest evaluations from them. You have a lot of challenging stages ahead of you, and if you want to finish them all successfully, you'll need to fulfill client orders as soon as you can so that you may earn plenty of generous tips. In order to advance to the next level, you will need to accumulate a set sum of money, which you will thereafter be able to invest in improving your hotel rooms and purchasing many other helpful items.

What is My Hotel?
Are you prepared to take charge of an incredible five-star hotel in the virtual world of My Hotel? If you were to invite the most upscale guests to spend some time in your hotel, would you be able to accommodate all of their requirements? Always keep in mind that your establishment must have an immaculate appearance and be well-kept in every respect.

Tips In My Hotel?
Collect a lot of cash as a reward for a job well done, and demonstrate that your skill as a manager can take your company to the top by serving renters delectable home-cooked meals that will satisfy even the most discerning of their tastes. Now is the moment to handle things in a way only you can, and fantastic work will help you achieve your ambitions.

How To Play My Hotel?
As soon as the visitor has left, it is necessary to straighten up the room in order to have it ready for the entrance of subsequent guests. But you'll need some cleaning supplies for that. Look in the rear room first before beginning the cleaning process since you will discover everything you need. In the top-left-hand corner of the screen, there will be a counter that shows the total number of people who are scheduled to become your clients. Take command of the croupier's activities and ensure that all of the visitors' requests are met on schedule while also doting on them with piping hot, fragrant tea and a variety of other mouthwatering foods. 

Remember that even if just one of the tenants continues to be unhappy with the service you provide, this may significantly impact your image in the city. Either establish a magnificent hotel in the heart of Dubai or go back in time to Ancient Rome and provide a kind greeting to Julius Caesar when you meet him there!

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