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MOBA Simulator

MOBA Simulator game it's now free on!
Are you looking for the best Multiplayer online battle arena games to have some fun? Then how about testing this fun combination of the famous LOL and Dota games called MOBA Simulator. MOBA Simulator the game it's one of our selected real-time strategy video games where you choose between a female hero and a male and join the action and shooting. The male hero is similar to the LOL hero called Graves, which is equipped with a double-barrel sniper weapon. And the female hero looks like the Queen of blades from the Starcraft 2 game. The Queen of blades doesn't have any weapons but she has four abilities spells that will deal a lot of damage to units, towers, and the other players. Her disadvantage is the range, she must join the fight at a close range and when attacking the towers it will take a lot of damage. The male hero has a big advantage because of his range, he can relax by sitting back and shooting the crips and turrets from a safe distance, but he is low in hp, meaning it will die in one hit-shot from the towers and even the units. Buy a lot of damage and use the ''W'' spell of the male hero that will increase his attack range and firepower by 300% for a couple of seconds. Choose the best items, from the shop there are 14 of them, combine them to have mana regeneration for spells, armor to take less damage, and buy the item called the ''Big Sword'' that will provide you with +80 damage and +20 attack speed is the best item you can buy! Polish your skills and try to give the last hit on crips to get the money, this is the only way you can get the money if you kill the units. If unites kill units you will get XP but not money. To buy items you need money so do your best to synchronize the movement, shooting, and spells. Enjoy the relaxing music the nice smooth game-play and the nice voice of the game like in the game LOL when a hero unit is dead you will hear '' a hero is been slain! The first tower has less damage and armor, been easier to destroy but the next two that are close to the base will kill you in one hit, so make sure you use damage spells on towers and don't be in their range, let the units in front and you shoot from behind. Fill your inventory with the best items to deal with a lot of damage, move fast evade the crips troops they will only focus on killing you in fights. When the last towers are destroyed then you can destroy the nexus/base/planetary to win the game. Have a blast in this MOBA game for pc here on and if you like this game make sure you play other popular MOBA games like Knights Of Fortune and Adversator. Good luck and have fun!

Release Date       The game was released on Wed Sep 16, 2020
Updated On        18.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game

Use the mouse to navigate the game interface!
Use the Q, W, E, R keys to use spells.
Tab/escape button to pause the game.

Platform                      PC,  and Web browser.
Https Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready               No
Mobile Mode                No
Genre                             Action, Strategy, Shooting, MOBA, Multiplayer, GAMES, 3D, IO.

MOBA Simulator game was developed by JulGames. But you can play the games online for free on any browser on

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • 3D highly optimized graphics that have a fun futurist-medieval theme.
  • You can play with two different types of worries Queen of blades or Graves.
  • MOBA Simulator game is inspired by famous games like LOL and Dota.
  • Minimap, shop with items you can buy.
  • Inventory for up to six items.
  • Level up system based on kills.
  • Four ability skills.
  • Challenging and competitive

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MOBA Simulator
Enjoy a fun top MOBA game with mages that provide a cool isometric perspective for free on If you enjoy playing these MOBA browser games that are developed with html5 make sure you explore other similar MOBA games pc to have a bast online.

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the Video Instruction and Youtube game-play of the ''MOBA Simulator'' game online here on

About MOBA Games and Dota 2!

What you need to know about Dota 2
Title: What you need to know about Dota 2
Description: In this article, we have information For those who don’t play Dota 2, because there are some things everyone should know.
What you need to know about Dota 2 for those who do not play it
Dota 2 is gaining popularity at a tremendous pace. Tournament prize pools are growing, the number of players and esports organizations is growing. The matches of the top professional teams in Dota are often watched by more people than football derbies. However, this is not surprising. Let's see what makes this game so attractive. Although calling Dota 2 just a game at this stage of its development is already wrong. Dota is more than that.
Dota 2 Boost prospects
Before we go any further, people usually waste time increasing their rank, where we are providing Dota 2 Boost for Dota 2 Players, worldwide. Boosting is something where a professional Dota 2 player either plays on your ID or with you, in order to increase your rank to your desire.

Fundamentals of the basics
I’ll note right away that Dota 2 is not the easiest game to understand. Therein lies its charm. It will be difficult for a beginner to get comfortable, but the more he learns and discovers for himself, the more he will be fascinated by the in-game world. So, a team of 5 people, where each player controls their own hero, fights against 5 enemy characters. The main goal of the game is to destroy the main enemy building "Throne". The Dota 2 map consists of 3 lines (corridors) along which creeps move towards each other (see Basic terms and definitions). At the beginning of the game, the heroes are distributed along the lines and confront the enemy characters.
There are over 100 unique heroes in Dota 2 account Boosting. Each hero has certain abilities that improve with the level. You can immediately imagine the variety of bundles of heroes that complement each other, combinations of spells, and tactical schemes of the game. Yes, Dota 2 is one of the few computer games where the outcome is decided not only by reaction speed but also by tactical ideas. In a competitive DotA, it is the tactics and the right pick of heroes (a set of 5 heroes that the team plays the match with) that determine the outcome of the match. To watch a match as a spectator, you do not need to know all the tricks. Pleasure will be received in any case! It's worth trying.

Terms and definitions (slang in Dota 2)
Watching a Dota match for the first time? The abundance of unfamiliar words makes it somewhat difficult to understand what is happening. Below is a small glossary that will help you understand the essence of the game.
Aegis of the Immortal is an item dropped by  Roshan when he dies. Brings its owner back to life with full mana and health upon death.
Blink  (Blink)  - instantaneous movement from one point of the map to another (jump with a certain range). Wards are items placed by the player on the ground. They give an overview, allow you to monitor the movements of the enemy.
Ganges  (Gank)  - active actions aimed at unexpectedly killing an enemy hero. 
Dust  -  used item; Allows you to reveal nearby invisible enemies.
CD, cooldown  (Cooldown)  - the reload time of the ability, item.
Creeps are computer-controlled creatures. They are allied, enemy, neutral.
Mana, mp (Mana points)  - a  unit of measurement of magical energy required to use items, abilities. Roshan is an extremely strong neutral unit. The reward for killing him is getting the Aegis. Stan  (Stun)  - a spell that stuns (disables) the hero, creep for a certain time. Farming  -  targeted killing of the enemy and neutral creeps to earn experience and gold. Fb (First blood)  - the first kill of a hero in the game. HP (Hitpoints)  - a unit of measurement of the amount of life of a character, creep, building.

To watch or not to watch?
Dota never gets bored. This is the main paradox. The map is always the same. The rules of the game are the same. Nevertheless… A huge variety of game situations and moments will not let you get bored. I have never seen two identical games in Dota. Not once, despite the fact that I have a long playing experience and I watched a lot of pro matches. Remember those emotions that you probably experienced after the victory of the Russian team over Holland? Kovalchuk's puck in overtime with the Canadians? A couple of years ago, I would never have believed that you could experience this while watching Dota and worrying about our CIS teams. Watch, definitely watch.

Development prospects
In about 2 years, Dota has evolved from a popular game into a popular esports discipline that is attractive to sponsors. Tournament prize pools are getting bigger. The number of viewers around the world is increasing. During the main tournament of the year, The International 5, venues for watching matches are organized in many cities of Russia. In China, things have gone much further. A special association has been created and is functioning there, which regulates the relationship between professional players, tournament organizers, etc. (Association of Chinese E-Sports). Of course, this is not enough now in Europe and America. One can only hope that such an organization will appear and take esports to a new level. One of the problems is also the fact that for the most part, older people adhere to traditional views on computer games. This does not allow them to consider some kind of toy as something serious - a kind of sport, albeit with the prefix cyber-. Fortunately, the situation is gradually changing. I won’t be surprised if in a year or two in Russia it will be possible to watch a Dota match on TV. At the moment, there are studios (abroad and in the CIS space) that professionally cover the main events and tournaments in Dota 2. The situation does not standstill. Moreover, it is steadily moving forward and this cannot but please the entire Dota community.

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