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And get ready to join a fun online, where you must become the last individual plus grow over until the spaceship is dispatched. The outsiders attacking the rocket became foes. You will likely be the last victor in the fight. Faker will trouble you and assault you. Who will be the last survivor of an outsider assault? How might you endure? Crush other crewmates and be the lone endurance in nasty dream fights; using a knife, you can throw and recuperate the knife giving damage and pushing the other imposter player to the dangerous location of the ship. In a field brimming with Imposters? Crush and run your way, collect the white healing kits, diamonds, gems, and other pieces of items you can find on the ship's ground. The more you collect, the taller and more powerful you get. Also, you can acquire two or three knives to use on the battlefield in this epic online game. Your primary goal is to control this smackers competition: smash another crewmate with a knife crush an enormous blade; every level incorporates troublesome decisions, riddles, and questions—Secret, privileged insights by drawing, erasing, distinguishing, choosing. You will tackle complex puzzles by discovering hints and other cool things in the game; stay away from the red zone that will shrink to get the players closer to each other because one inside the red zone, you will die fast if you get caught inside use the right-click to boost the speed of the among us player and get back into the safe area of the circle's arena.

Various conundrums testing will challenge your mentality. This sham storage is another riddle game that will break your shape crush good judgment and test your cerebrum with fresh arrangements. Prepare to appreciate the good times! You can pick smackers among several jobs to add more incredible energy with limitless abilities and things. In this game, where fight others to be the last one who endures, Consider their ability to increase and become more grounded, and be the lone Imposter endurance on the front line.

Nonetheless, be cautious and attempt to try not to find other precarious frauds, smackers else, you'll be crushed. As you earn money, you can buy other Imposter skins colours, check the stats of your skills, and if you want to earn fast cash, check the time clock, where you get rewards when you log in at a specific time of the day. Use some money to improve your attack power, defence, hp( vitality), speed, combo attack, hp recovery, drop gold acquisition, and other interesting features the game provides. Play and have a blast in this new Among us io game here on!

How to play Imposter
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To control your imposter character, you will see you need to push the mouse cursor. The route(direction) is shown by the sign hanging over the screen. Click the left mouse button to attack and the right mouse button to boost the speed of your among us character. Running as often as possible will lessen your perseverance, preventing you from stepping up. However, when more players evolve, ensure you use it to run, leave, and stay alive. Your life bar is addressed by various parts representing the restricted measure of harm or hits you can take before passing on. As a tip, if you are low on HP, you should run and eat the green blocks from the four that will gradually recover your life. So you can get once again into the battle and get an opportunity to crush different players.

Release Date      
Thursday, April 29, 2021
Date added        Chicago Time: 10:33 on 4 July 2021
Type                              Html5-javascript
Platform                       PC, and Web.
HTTP Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready               Not implemented yet.
Gender                          Survive, Sword Fight, Among Us, Escape, IO, Multiplayer.

Developer developed the Imposter game. But you can play the game free online on and several games from the listing on our Among Us game category.

The web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Avant Browser.
  • Enjoy a cool 3D clone of the famous Among Us game now online combined in a .io multiplayer battle royale style.
  • Great 3D graphics with decent-looking characters, skins, items, knives, and levels.
  • You can customise your imposter colours and weapons.
  • Each astronaut killed provides you with money and XP.
  • Full-screen and HTTPS ready.
  • Avoid the red zone to stay alive.
  • If your HP drops too low, try to eat the white healing kids to restore your life.
  • Improve your imposter stats, damage, speed, attack, hp, regeneration, etc.
  • Addicting and fun gameplay.
  • Available on all devices and browser types.
  • Smooth animations.
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About Imposter
Enjoy a fun multiplayer io new among us pc game that takes you to the battle arena ( on the spaceship), where you must play as an imposter and try to eradicate all the other random imposter layers from all over the world to win the game. The ''Imposter'' game can be played for free online on, on any classic or modern browser type. So play your best and if you enjoyed this fun among us games online, make sure you try other similar games like Good luck and have fun!

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