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Horde Siege

Horde Siege game it's now free on!
The castle is under siege and only you can hold off the enemy for the next 25 days until reinforcements arrive. In this amazing shooting game, you should protect the town against the orc hordes. Use your bow to shoot the oncoming horde of enemies to protect the castle entrance. Remember to upgrade your weapon and use the garrison for additional firepower in order to have a chance to win this epic battle in horde siege. Earn money to buy upgrades. Enjoy the activity, adrenaline, and the joy of western while having a blast online! If you enjoy this game try this similar western shooting game called: Wild West: Sheriff Rage. Good luck!
Aim with your mouse and shoot with the left click. To cancel the shot, press Space. Select garrison action with 1,2,3. For swap quiver, press Q.

Release Date 19 July 2013 03:33 and updated to WebGL on 20.01.2022

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Categories             Horse, Running, Simulator, Archery, Cartoons, Abilities.

Web browser.

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