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Play FNF FPS free online.
And join the action in this 3D shooting action-packed game where GF is been kidnaped by all the bad guys who Boyfriend has defeated with his voice, rhythm, and dance moves. And now he must leave the microphone, and learn to shoot with weapons to save his girlfriend who is kept hostage. Also, in this friday night funkin web browser game you will battle of course in the six-week modes versus different main and secondary characters. With only a pistol you must shoot from a safe distance the endless waves of enemies who will try to beat you to death! To stay alive look for bullets and the green life regeneration. You are of course limited in ammunition, and stamina, you can sprint for a short period of time, so try to jump on higher objects hide under houses, fences, and other locations that can restrict the access of the enemies to your location. The first warm-up mission is to find and kill Daddy Dearest. The enemies have a life bar that is green above their head, if you shoot them is will get red, and then when it's empty they will die. Check your life bar that is on the bottom left side, and don't let it from lex them 10% because you will die and must restart the mode and the week mission. Also, make sure you are always checking your ammunition from the bottom right side of the game interface, the first digit represents how many bullets you have loaded on your weapon. And the second digit shows you how many bullets you have in total. Run fast, jump and shoot in this fun friday night funkin b side online game, and do our best to rescue GF and have a blast shooting!

Play FNF FPS online.
The songs are mightier than the swords, back in the 2D world from the Friday Night Funkin' series. But now in this new challenge, you will join a nice refined 3D first-person shooter where Boyfriend is stuck with his old rivals. The FNF FPS is developed with WebGL technology that makes the game work smoothly on all browsers. No download requirements are needed when you are playing FNF FPS for the first time! Just use the mouse and start shooting to have a blast in the new Friday Night Funkin game mode here on! Good luck!

Controls in FNF FPS!
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface! [W-A-S-D] Move [LMB] Shoot [RMB] Aim [T] Slow-mo [R] Reload [Shift] Run [Space] Jump [C] Camera.

Released on:     May 07, 2021
Date added:      Chicago Time 15:49 on 8 May 2021

Type                       WebGL
HTTPS ready          Yes
Genre                      Shooting, Survive, Abilities, FNF, Cartoon
Platforms                Available  PC, and Web Browser.

FNF FPS was developed by and distributed by But you can play FNF FPS online for free on!

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

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More Information About FNF FPS
Join a new FPS weapon battle game from the Friday Night Funkin' series now online on browsers here on FNF FPS can be found on our shooting and action category with games, been developed with WebGL technology. This allows the game to work smoothly on windows, browsers, and PC. Do your best in one of the coolest 3D shooting games from the ''Friday Night Funkin'' series here on our website! And good luck you will need it!
Check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of FNF FPS here on

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