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Dream Life

Here is the online and mobile version of the Dream Life game; you can play it free and unblocked on BrightestGames!
Play some cool puzzle and logic matching games for the brain online! And join the  brand-new match-three game Dream Life is entertaining and challenging to play. When you create a match in this game, you can rearrange the pieces to remove them entirely from the board. The game's cute and colorful level components and numerous levels make for an exciting and fun journey. These particular levels include a new and exciting collecting gameplay mechanism with items that are a variety of brilliant colors. As you go through the game and restore an increasing number of houses, you'll have access to a growing number of tense stories and, finally, the culmination of the experience.

What Is The Dream Life Game About?
Anna and Elsa, mother and daughter, went for a run together. They could not pay their back taxes, which led to the foreclosure of their home. Additionally, the family's primary earner perished at sea. They, our heroines, are at a point when they need to make improvements in their lives. They will be aided in this respect by the game of Dream Life that you play. For Anna and her daughter's circumstances to improve in their new residence, they must keep working through issues from category three. The image of the indoor playing field will show you now on the screen. Each of them will have a diverse assortment of items stuffed inside of it. On the panel above the area is an image depicting what you must collect. Investigate every one of the items to pinpoint the ones that you need and that are located near one another. You must use at least three of these items to fill a single row. Consequently, they will be removed from the game board, and you will get the point. After ensuring you have all the prerequisites, you will be ready to go to the next level.

How To Play Dream Life?
Gather all of the items of the same color together, and then take them all! Construct a rocket by connecting four blocks of the same color in a row. By joining together blocks of the same color, you may make a bomb as an L. These powerful boosters, such as an adorable rainbow unicorn, a fairy magic wand, and a strange toy spaceship, will assist you in completing the level more rapidly. You can select one of these boosters to begin the story with! Once you've finished the class and entered the competition, you'll be eligible for unique rewards. Participate in a race against the other players on the leaderboard for various prizes.

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