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Cruise Boat Depot

Here is the online Cruise Boat Depot game you can play free and unblocked on BrightestGames!
Do you appreciate navigating yachts and boats into the dock? Do you want to learn how to steer a huge ship while earning money simultaneously? This job demands certain expertise. Then, may I please introduce you to our brand new and exciting game, "Cruise Boat Depot," in which you take the helm of a gorgeous yacht and sail through the canals and lagoons of Venice? It would help if you gave your boat a name before setting sail. Collect the passengers and transport them to their final destinations over various exciting game levels.

What Is The Cruise Boat Depot Game?
Within the game Cruise Boat Depot, you will establish a new business endeavor in the form of a cruise boat depot. It seems that wherever a body of water is large enough to be called an ocean or sea, piers and ports will also be large enough to accommodate ships. You find yourself trapped in a room filled with vacant bays and decide to protect your first payment. There will always be individuals interested in hiring a rowboat so that they may take in the scenery. This desire is likely to remain consistent. You will have to improvise a canoe out of your only boat to go about. In the future, if you are successful in saving money, you could be able to purchase a bigger vessel and provide longer cruises for which passengers would pay a greater price. At Cruise Boat Depot, you are responsible for welcoming passengers aboard, accompanying them on their cruise, and safely returning them to port after the excursion.

Tip And How To Play Cruise Boat Depot Game?
You may even purchase brand-new cruise ships with the money you generate from each transfer. You will have to avoid various possible dangers if you want your ship to make it through this journey alive. If the ladder in the upper right corner of the screen falls below a specific threshold, you will no longer have control of your spaceship. Watch for the signs informing you how much farther it is until the next station. You'll need to rack up as many points as possible and reach every milestone if you want to rule the scoreboard. I hope everything works out for you!

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