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Play now the game free online on on browsers and mobile devices. And join cell growing battle for dominance in the battle arena, where you start as a small-weak cell where you must eat, avoid other players and survive to grow in the biggest cell virus that will absorb the other players. the game it's one of our best io game that is similar to the famous been classified in our multiplayer and survival games. Also, can be found in our io games list offered free and unblock here on our website along with other 250 new io games!
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The game it's developed with html5 and Javascript, been https and mobile-ready, that means it's automatically optimized to run smoothly on any browsers and mobile devices. By playing this game no download require are necessary. Use the mouse to move in the game and on the battlefields, press the W key to feed, and spacer to split your cell in smaller chess to be able able to move faster and eat more dots.

How to play the game?
When first playing the game, use the mouse to navigate the game interfaces. Before you start the game take a good look around on the game interface where you can see, on the right side your skin avatar, by pressing on the change skin button you will be taken into the shop where you can buy or unblock hundreds of different crazy, and funny skins to be unique in the game. Under the Skin shop, you can check the Boost shop where you can see what are the benefits of creating a user free account and what you can win if you are login on hour, for 5 hours and over 24 hours. Depending on how much you will play the game you will be able to receive more XP and coins,  unblock unique skins and get all short of boosts to grow faster. After exploring the shops you can choose one of the eight-game modes, like Fast FFA, fast team, Solo team, Bots, Instant rush, Instant merge, FFA, and Team. Also in this io games to play with friends on the right top side of the game interface you can see the change lobby where you can join a specific lobby, join friends, and family in a fun game together. What is unique in this io games unblocked at school is that you can spectate the game by pressing the orange button with an eye to see live games in progress. Knowing all of this you are ready to play the game so write your name and press the play as a quest button. Once on the battlefield try to eat the smaller dots, and avoid the larger virus-cell from this fun .io survival game. Grow, divide your cells into smaller parts to be able to eat the dots faster, and also remember if a larger payer traps you press the spacebar button to split your cell into a smaller cell that is projected into a farther distance to escape. What is fun in this .io game like is the smaller cells move faster than the big ones so you still have a chance even if you die hundreds of times to escape and grow in the Play all the game modes, level up, get more XP, and unblock the collect skins in the game, play with bots, or with your friends in this similar io game agario. Dominate the battle arena and become the biggest cell-virus while having a blast here on If you like this game make sure you play other similar agario growing games like and Good luck and have fun!

Use your mouse to move the cell and navigate the game interface.
Press the ''W'' key to feed.
Press the Space bar to split your Cell.

Release Date
October 2020

Type                              Html5
Sub Type                      Javascript
Platform                       PC, Web browser, and also on any mobiles devices here on
Http Ready                   Yes
Developer                     Cellshgame from France.
Mobile Mode                Portrait
Mobile Ready               Yes
Genre                             Grow, IO, Survive, Multiplayer

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

  • Enjoy a fun similar io games agario.                    
  • Simple game-play with smooth animations and challenging modes into the arena.
  • Simple 2D graphics with vibrant colors and detailed skins.
  • Eight game modes available.
  • Create an account and log in every day to receive extra XP, coins, and unblock skins.
  • Two shops Skin shop, and Boost shop.
  • You can play as a guest and also watch a game in progress by pressing on the eye orange icon.
  • You can join Discord along with hundreds of players to talk make friends and socialize.
  • https and mobile-ready.
  • Easy to play hard to master.

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On, you can play for free directly in your browser and mobiles this io games unblocked at school called We make sure to keep all the best io games unblocked if you want to play them even from locations that restrict access to the games online.
Tips and Tricks to Know about game mode rules
The importance of the eight-game modes what can you get by playing each of the game (XP, coins, and skins)

Free For All 
- By playing this mode you will receive normal XP also, there's a bonus XP based on how long you are alive. In this mode, you can not play with your team.

Solo party
- By playing this mode your receiving XP is divided into three. Also, the game provides one bot to play with you. In this mode, you can not play with your team.

- By playing this mode you receive normal XP. In this mode, you can not play with your team.

Crazy MegaSplit
- By playing this mode your received XP is divided into 4. If you split your cell to eat more dots, you don't have to wait 30 seconds to be able to rejoin and create a huge cell. In this crazy mode you can divide your cell number double normally you can only get 16 smaller cells but in this mode, you can have up to 32 cells.

Crazy Rush Mode
- By playing this mode you receive normal XP. In this mode time is the essence eat fast to be the fastest one when the count reaches 0. The winner receives +5000 extra XP. This the fasted mode if you want to level up.

Cheater Rush Mode
- By playing this mode you're received is divide into 4. You can play this mode only in part mode along with your cheater bots(that grows faster).

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.
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Control your army cell soldier in this fun growing io games unblocked at school list online for free on, it's developed with Html5-javascript technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers, and on all mobile devices. If you enjoy this io game agario online make sure you play similar games like Good luck!
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