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Catch The Ninjalinos

PJ Masks: Catch The Ninjalinos Game it's now free on!
Where in this PJ masks game unblocked you will see that in daytime Conner, Amaya, and Greg are just three average kids hiding their identities behind masks. When their friends get home from school, they put on magic pyjamas and transform into three different superheroes: Katboi, Alette, and Gekko, each of whom wears a suit that is either blue, red, or green. The Night Ninja is one of their adversaries, as is customary for any super-powered characters worth their salt, and the other is the Shadow Ninja. His Ninjalino minion servants cause a significant amount of trouble for his friends. PJ Masks is the name of the game. In the minigame "Catch the Ninjalinos," you can choose which of the available characters you want to assist in capturing the Ninjalinos and placing them in a wooden box hung from a tree. They do not have any other options at this point in this fun PJ masks game online.
What is Catch the Ninjalinos?
First, you will need to decide which of these characters you would like to play. You move to the left and the right using the arrow keys on your keyboard to achieve the objective of catching the Ninjalinos that are coming from the respective direction and bringing them to the centre of the screen, where you place them in a wooden box. You have to get as many of them as possible until the icons on the top left of the screen are full. It would help if you avoided getting stopped by the slime falling from the top of the screen, so be on the lookout for it. Be sure to pick up any items that give you a time bonus and any shield items, as these will buy you some extra time and protect you from falling slime.
Instructions for playing the PJ Masks: Catch The Ninjalinos game?
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control and move the hero of your choice. These keys are located on your keyboard. If you press the Left or Right key, your character will move in that direction depending on which key you press. You will automatically grab a ninja when you get close to him, and then you will need to move towards the wooden box to place him inside of it. You have one minute to collect as many Ninjalinos as possible while avoiding the splats released by the Night Ninja.
Tips and Tricks in PJ Masks: Catch The Ninjalinos!
If you are struck by one of the bad guy's attacks, a few seconds of game time will be deducted from your total. If you are even bearing a ninja on your rear, he will fall off, and you will hold no choice but to acquire another one to replace him. Take care, because the time you have is extremely valuable! It is in your best interest to grab any helpful power-ups that may appear during the game. The first is a short-term shield that will render you immune to the sticky attacks for the duration of its use. Your timer will be extended by a few seconds if you use the other one and make sure to try other new PJ masks games here on BrightestGames.

Game Features:
-Excellent cartoonish graphics in two dimensions.
-Gameplay with a quick pace.
-Fun and casual
-You can choose to play with one of the three PJ kid's heroes.
-Easy to pick up and use controls
-Ready to use HTTPS
-Available on mobile devices.

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PJ Masks: Catch the Ninjalinos

Release Date                   March 2018, and updated to Html5 and HTTPS in 2022
Type                                   HTML5
Developer                         Disney Junior
Mobile Mode                    Yes
Mobile ready                     Yes
Platform                             PC, Web browser, and also mobile devices.
HTTP Ready                        Yes
Genre                                   Disney XD, AdventureArcadeKidsSkillCartoons, DisneyNickelodeon, Boys, Nick JRHtml5, Unblocked, GAMES.

The web browser game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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