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Castle Defense

Castle Defense it's a cool refined HD tower and castle defence strategy game that you can play on for free!
A long time following the kingdoms of man in Castle Defense 2 game where your domain was examined in a dispute that kept going for many cycles. Just with the director of astonishing legends, old enchantment, and the clever technique of extraordinary pioneers was humanity ready to guard itself and repulse the onslaught of the orcs. Peace followed, however, not for eternity. Scouts reports that devil power is ascending at the edge of our Kingdom. The orcs have held onto huge wild that was once our hunting grounds. The heartless ones have entered the under a domain in the wilderness and hoard multitudes of unspeakable detestations. Your king has called you! This is the ideal opportunity to shield our domain before it's lost to ruthless evil spirits for eternity in this defense fighting game. Go along with us in our conflict against evil. Another time of war has shown up. Pinnacle protection work of art Castle Defense 2 is clearing the pinnacle guard world. By consolidating conventional pinnacle guard gameplay with RPG components and all new Battle Pets, Castle Defense 2 has made a combination of procedures and a different pinnacle protection experience. Resist influxes of foes by joining vital position of safeguard towers just as using the abilities of amazing legends. Respectable knights, sorcery wizards, mythical beast riders and more are all at your order and more in this cool defense game PC.
Game Features in Castle Defense (2): 
Epic technique/protection game free that keeps you playing for quite a long time! Particular playstyle that joins the pinnacle situation and troop order! One of the most outstanding systems/protection games frees available, with lovely scenes and activities! 
- 4 sorts of safeguard pinnacles and troops with different upgradable alternatives! 
- 5 sorts of magical abilities with attractive forces to overwhelm the beasts! 
- 40+ guide levels with four distinct subjects: woodland, desert, ice, and dreamland! 
- More than 12 sorts of beasts with their abilities will put you to the genuine test! 
- Beautiful scenes and activities! 
- Upgrade palaces and archers for more noteworthy battle power 
- The town's gold mines, fortunes and abilities are yours to investigate. 
- New sorts of the pinnacle. 
- Floating Fortress, Super Fort, Steam Plant, Alchemist's Laboratory, and more enchanted pinnacles! 
- Heroes like Berserker from the Volcano, A Mysterious Female Assassin, The Mage of the Woods. Each with one of a kind gear and specific abilities. You order the legends to assist with protecting where pinnacles aren't sufficient. 
- Abilities with cool redesigns, gifts along the way you pick, adding an exceptional mix of RPG systems to the game. 
- Fight close by your legends in the protracted conflict ahead; your mystical Battle Pets can be the distinction between triumph or rout! 
- Giant and Horrific Golem, The Evil Warlock who can tear the texture of room time, The Wurm with an antiquated appetite, and spritely covered up trolls! 
- Choose admirably, place your pinnacles deliberately or be invaded by the foe in this epic tower defense game
Tips About The Campaigns! 
-In Campaign Mode, you fight your direction page by page through your own story.
-In Endless Mode, you face a large number of influxes of beasts. Rout is unavoidable, yet how long would you be able to endure? 
-In Expedition Mode, there are 15 new stages, each unique from before with new startling difficulties! 
-In Boss Rush, you join players across the world to overcome the World Boss! Take an interest in the planet's most significant online fight! 
-In PVP Arena, you must pit your powers against one more player in PVP mode. Fight for sensation and honour and defend your lands!
Instructions Objective: 
-Don't allow adversaries to assault the palace. So build protectors along the street to kill adversaries and get points/gold. 
-Protector types:  Alchemist house: Continuously produces E-focuses over the long run and more in this defense shooting game.
-Tower: Cannon Tower assaults ground adversaries. 
-Lightning Tower will assault both the ground and air adversaries. 
-Trooper: Swordsman and Wizard can obstruct the street and forestall foes going to the palace. Have fun in this tower defence browser game and if you like more similar strategy defense and castle defense games make sure you also play King Rugni Tower Conquest.
Release Date           Monday, September 06 2021
Type                         Html5
HTTPS ready           Yes
Developer               Emoji Games GmbH.
Mobile Mode          Portrait
Platform                  PC, Web browser and also on a mobile device here:
Genre                       TD, Adventure, Strategy, War, Castle, Defence, Fighting.
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
More Information about Castle Defense
Play a fun tower defense game online and enjoy the Castle Defense 2 game developed with html5 technology here on This will allow the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers and mobile devices. Have fun with these awesome tower defense games pc and explore other similar tower defence games online like the famous Kingdom Defense. Good luck and do everything to defend your kingdom!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Gameplay of Castle Defense online here on

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