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Bombercraft 3D

Here is the online Bombercraft 3D game; you can play it free and unblocked on Brightestgames! 
Participate in a wild 3D version of the classic Bomberman game modeled around the Minecraft gender. In the TNT game, Steve and Alex have two players, and the game's objective is to kill your partner so that you may emerge victorious. Use a variety of maps to engage in combat with a buddy while developing strategies and detonating TNT. Therefore, get started on your journey in a fascinating pixel 3D arcade game called "Bombercraft 3D," in which you and a friend will engage in a thrilling competition to see who can become the best Demoman. You will find yourself in a confined space with many wooden boxes stacked in front of you, preventing you from progressing further.

What is Bombercraft 3D?
This exciting journey, which draws inspiration from one of the most iconic and well-respected video games of the 1980s, Bomberman, will not allow you to remain unmoved. You should get ready to progress and set explosives in strategic spots on the map while you do your best to advance, unlock your path, and live by collecting as many upgrades and power-ups as possible. Enjoy a total of four different maps while you try to keep your opponent from taking your life too soon.

How To Play Bombercraft 3D?
You can acquire one of the numerous supplementary benefits that boost your movement speed, burst power, and other attributes by placing blocks of dynamite in closed corridors to open the route for you to proceed. Using these enhancements, you can get a considerable edge over the adversary and quickly lure them into a trap. Because your character's health will be limited, you must try to avoid getting harmed. If you want to bypass death, you need to hide behind some items and avoid standing in the region where the explosion will damage you. Find the hearts buried in one of the chests to fill your life. Take extraordinary precautions to ensure that you do not blow yourself up with your explosives by mistake. The combat will take place in various exciting and unusual settings, such as the middle of the ocean or a lake of molten lava. Construct dependable strategies, and you will succeed in every round!

Controls in Bombercraft 3D ( Steve VS Alex)!
While Player 1 (Steve) uses the WASD keys to navigate the maze and the T key to drop the bombs, Player 2 (Alex) will move with the Arrow keys and use the P key to dump the explosives. The purpose of the game is to move and position bombs in such a way as to corner the opposing player and cause them to explode, at which point you will have triumphed. 

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