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Where if you are looking for space-themed io games to play online and have fun! Then try this awesome Astroe .io game on browsers for free on it's one of our selected survive io spaces clarified in our multiplayer and in the top space io games list offered free on our website. The game provides two games modes ''Free For All'' and ''Satellites'' so before you play them you can learn a few things about them. In the ''Satellites'' game mode the players are split into two teams, red and green. For a team to win they need to capture all the satellites, to do that you must move with your spaceship inside the circle around the satellite. For the capture to be completed players need to stay for five seconds inside the circle. The more satellites you capture the more gold you and your team will receive, every 30 seconds you will get gold and there is 12 satellite that could supply a maxim of 30 players in the team. Continue with the Free For All mode in the game you will need to destroy the enemy ships as many as possible. The players that join the arena are at a maximum of 50, as you shoot players you earn points, shoot asteroid to collect gold, pick up bonus items, powerful, to have a higher score. Depending on your score you can get in the top players of the game but watch out the game resets every six hours. As you play the game you must shoot the asteroids and destroy them, this will provide gold. The gold can be used to upgrade your ship or satellites. You can see that the larger the asteroids are the more gold they provide when they are destroyed. As a tip to gather gold that is the most important fact in the game make sure you shoot the smaller asteroids, then upgrade the blast damage and blaster fire rate. Also, with the money, you can upgrade the captured satellites that will increase the power of its turret's firepower. As you watch the minimap you can see that the satellites not been captured have a silver color and the ones captured by you will match the color of your team. As you roam the galaxy in search of gold and satellites you can chat with your team by pressing the enter button and writing messages. Remember you need to capture all 12 satellites to be able to win the game! Work with your team in this Co-op, platform game, and try to win the game. If you like this game make sure you play other similar games like,, and Good luck and have fun!

How to play

-To control, the ships use the mouse button or shit keys to fire. To activate the main engine use the Spacebar button. Use the CTRL + keys to zoom in and the CTRL - keys to zoom out. make sure you check the satellite levels before getting into shooting range. When mining for gold, you can zoom out as far as possible to find the larger groups of asteroids.
Tips and Tricks
-The idle players are killed after 90 seconds.
-Ships keep 50% of their gold when respawning.
-Satellites are neutral until captured so they will shoot both teams.
-Upgrading satellites increases the power of its turrets.
-The satellites captured by your team display the satellite level.
-You can send messages to your team by pressing the Enter key, then typing a short message, and pressing Enter again.

Release Date     March 27, 2017
Updated On      14.02.2022

Type                       WebGL
Developer              Superstruct
Mobile Mode         No
Mobile ready          No
Platform                  PC, Web browser, and Steam.
Https Ready            Yes
Categories                Action, Indie, PVP, Co-op, Platformer.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Game Features
  • Enjoy the best space io game multiplayer against other players from all over the world.
  • Complex controls.
  • Two game modes Free For All and Satellites.
  • There are two teams.
  • Simple 2D graphics with smooth animations.
  • Gold and Upgrades.
  • 12 satellites are available in the game.
  • Minimap and messages.
  • Easy to play and addicting game-play.

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Have fun with this good space io game free online directly in your browser on it's developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this space-themed io game make sure you play other realistic games like Five Nations here on our website.

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