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Here is the online Alxemy game; you can play it free and unblocked on BrightestGames!
Are you looking for a fun brain-teasing puzzle game online? Do you like magic and mystery games also? Then you are welcome to join this fun game called ''Alxemy'' where the practice of alchemy dates back centuries, as you can see in the simple but fun Alxemy games! Our forefathers practiced alchemy in the hopes of discovering the fabled philosopher's stone and achieving immortality. However, alchemy did pave the way for many of today's scientific disciplines, so it's not all bad news. You've stumbled onto a real-life example of this miraculous technology. In "Alxemy," you're tasked with creating all life on Earth off of only four substances. Earth, water, fire, and air will all form part of their make-up.

What is Alxemy?
People in the Middle Ages always looked for novel substances and the fabled elixir of life. Alchemists was the name given to them. Now, in a brand new and intriguing game called Alchemy, you may go back in time and assume the role of a real-life alchemist. You'll need to do a variety of experiments today. On the virtual field you see before you, symbols represent game aspects. New elements may be created by experimenting with them. A vital sign may be copied and then superimposed over another. As a result, you'll be able to earn bonus points in the Alchemy game by creating a new element.

Tips and How To Play Alxemy?
You need to mix and match them to make new substances that contribute to the current state of the globe. You spin a magic circle with your things within to combine them. When these factors come together, new organisms or plant species emerge. Nothing can be added if the components aren't compatible. Thus they go into the black hole on the right side of the screen. A list of products that can be made using readily available materials may be found below the void. However, a young alchemist will stand underneath the circle and provide clues in the form of puzzles. We desire you the most satisfactory of luck in the game! 

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