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Aegis One

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Where if you like action, space, and spaceships, then this Aegis One is the most ambitious space defense project ever undertaken. It's a massive spaceship with the mission of defending the planet from a meteor shower. Take aim and fire. Destroy them before they cross the critical line, beyond which there is no way back or of shooting them down, making them a danger to humanity. As we play today's Aegis One game, we'll be transported to the distant future of our world. A space station on the outskirts of our galaxy serves as the setting for our game's main protagonist. This station is one of the solar system's defensive outposts, and you are in charge of all of the activities on it. It would help if you kept the station safe at all costs. Once you emerged from the depths of space and were enveloped in a cloud of meteorites, an armada of alien ships descended upon you with the intent of breaching your defenses and flying to the planet Earth, where they would enslave her.

About Aegis One?
Now you'll have to engage in an unequal battle with the enemy forces and hold the line until the fleet of Earthlings arrives to save you from your difficult predicament. Your station is armed with specific weapons, and you fire bullets of varying calibers in an attempt to keep the enemy at bay. Keep in mind that you must destroy the falling rocks aimed at you and the attacking ships because your station is stuck in orbit and cannot be moved. You will earn points by destroying ships, and these points will be used to begin the process of modernizing your plant and armaments. The enemy ships will be rolling in greater numbers with each wave, so be cautious and clearly define the targets that must be destroyed first. The Aegis One game is quite interesting, and it is intended for players who enjoy playing games associated with cosmic wars, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. When you open Aegis One on our website, you will be able to enjoy the space battles fully and have a good time doing something fun and interesting.
Release Date  October 2016 and updated in December 2020

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Teen, Pegi 6

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Enjoy a fun shooter survival space battle game with captivating gameplay that is free to play online only on The Aegis One game is developed with WebGL technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this game you can also other similar space games from our website!
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